Our newest game, WRD PLY is a word puzzler where you're given sets of letters and need to come up with words that use those letters in order. Check out this brief trailer:

You want to come up words as fast as you can. If you get stuck you can skip a word, but doing so will drop you down to the beginning of your current level. Every time you gain a level (it takes a longer streak of words each time) you get an extra 15 seconds and all future words are worth 25 more points. That's a big deal: on level 5, each word is worth more than twice what a word is worth on level 1.

When you submit a word successfully, you also light up all the letters you used on the keyboard. Lighting up a letter for the first time is worth 5 points. Not a ton, but it's enough to break ties. Light them all up for 500 points and immense bragging rights.

WRD PLY is available for iOS and will come out for Android eventually.


Q: What are some tips?

A: In no particular order: Adding "ing" to the end of a word is often useful. There is no penalty for skipping a word when you've just started a level (this includes the first word of the game) so if you can't think of something right away, consider skipping. The bonus points from using new letters add up, but don't go crazy trying to get an Alphabonus- gaining levels to put time back on the clock is more important.


Q: I keep getting triplets that can't make any words!

A: That's not a question. Also, every triplet in the game is solvable; we don't just pick three letters at random. What we did was take the most frequently used 50,000 words in English (according to BYU's COCA analysis) and break each word into every triplet that could have been used to make it. Then we take that list of triplets and only pick the ones that can make at least 15 of the 50,000 most common words. Many triplets can be used to make hundreds or even thousands of words; some can only be used for a couple dozen. Of 17576 possible three letter clues, we only use about 9900. The ones we didn't use- yeah, those are basically impossible.