Core Team

Sam - CEO & Janitor

Sam has been a game player of all sorts since more or less ever and a game developer since more or less 2009. He founded WhileTrueFork when he was writing System Protocol One, his and its first full game, respectively (he did the design, programming, and graphics). He is also WhileTrueFork's primary developer, designer, and "business" guy.

When he's not developing or consulting at his day job, Sam periodically runs game design workshops in the Northern Ohio area focusing on paper prototyping, finding fun, failing fast, and an assembly of assorted alliterative axioms associated with the design and development of digital diversions.

He probably also has some kind of official rank at the Cleveland Game Development Meetup Group but he isn't sure what it is. Vice President of Calendars, maybe.

Sam's favorite number is 20,736. The reasons why are left as an exercise to the reader.


Ian - Vice President & Lead Audio Designer

Ian joined WhileTrueFork in late 2010 and began working as WTF's main composer/audio engineer following the launch of System Protocol One. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory and Master of Music from Central Michigan University. He is also a public school music teacher, and has teaching experience in diverse subjects including high school choral conducting/vocal coaching, K-6 vocal music, music theory, music history, and musical theater.

Ian's first contribution to While True Fork was composing and recording the music for Violet's Lockpick Game. In addition to writing/arranging music, Ian is a long time gamer; combining these two lifelong pursuits on a professional level has been a dream for many years. Ian's role in the company is expanding to also include creative writing and core design work on upcoming projects, as well as finding any other way to contribute to a meaningful game experience.

Ian is also an avid pun and beard enthusiast, though he has not yet found an efficient or sensical way to combine the two. But if he finds a way to make a GAME based around puns and beards....oh man, Ian would be the Shigeru Miyamoto of that niche market.




Stephanie Frankiewicz - Graphic Designer

Stephanie is an animator, video game designer, and illustrator who has neato purple glasses. She has a blast spinning story webs and throwing her brainwaves out into the ether. 

Being constantly inspired, she thrives on the Superhero double life as the 'unassuming coffee-shop hopper' and the 'faceless-mad-bent-inspired animator-type who never sleeps.'

The neato purple glasses, however, remain as a bridge between the two worlds.