Founded with not much beyond a licensed game engine and a credit card full of dreams, WhileTrueFork has been in the wings for a number of years. Projects were started and backburnered and then forgotten and left to accumulate dust and then that whole stove was backburnered and a newer, shinier kitchen built in its place, and so on and suchforth and here we are. Someday archeologists will find those kitchens, and rightly conclude that we didn’t get a lot of stuff done back in the day.

The Name

...comes from something in programming called a forkbomb. The gist of it is that the “fork” command creates a new process at the same point, and the “while (true)” bit means “do this forever.” So first you have one process, then two, then four, then eight, and so on. You know the story about how if one little e. coli is left to its own devices and given an unlimited amount of food then after a day the colony of bacteria would outmass the planet? Well imagine that, except that your memory and processor is the food, and it’s not unlimited, and your program bombs out. You probably want to avoid them in practice. Because of the crashing. (But do not avoid our games.)

As always, Wikipedia plays the role of your Single Source of Truth: fork bomb.