System Protocol One ReadMe


How is Efficiency calculated?

    When you kill a virus, you get the points depending on its strength and type- but your score is modified by the difficulty and whether you hurried the wave the virus was in. At the end of the level, your total score is compared with the theoretical maximum score (played at normal without hurrying waves).


How is do bonus points for hurrying waves work?

    The bonus for hurrying waves varies by level, but generally speaking it’s something like a 0.5% point increase per second skipped- so skipping a minute gives every virus in that wave a 30% bonus.


I can’t beat any levels.

    Strictly speaking that isn't a question. SP1 is a hard game. If you aren’t beating anything, then you probably want to focus on a more varied set of defenses- boss viruses are hard to beat if you don’t take advantage of Firewalls like Code Injectors. Sudo Kill Commands and Capacitors are great to stick near DataCores if you’re losing because of one or two viruses getting through every now and then.


I can’t beat XYZ level.

    Some levels are also designed to be particularly extremely challenging. Generally speaking, if your score lands you in the top ten, count that as a “win.” Also bear in mind that some strategies which are terrible on some levels are devastatingly powerful on others.


The tutorial is too long!

    You only need to go through it once. Also some people love it.


I want to change the keyboard setup.

    You can do this by starting SP1 up while holding down Option (on a Mac) or Shift (on a PC). Then in the Input tab you can change things up to your liking. Some of the values there aren’t in active use yet (specifically, the Hotkey settings, which are going to be used in an upcoming Hardcore mode).

    Note: the resolution settings in the startup window are the default settings for Unity. SP1 bypasses these settings. To change the resolution properly, you will want to do it via the Video options tab in the game options.


Will there by an XYZ platform release?

    Good question. No promises, but we’re looking into it.


I have a technical issue!

   Send an email to support @ or contact us here. We try to be helpful.