Goodbye, Hello

We are taking our first game, System Protocol One, off the market. It is bittersweet. SP1 was developed many years ago, mostly in 2009, and we were lucky enough to get caught up in the excitement of Steam's first foray into Mac games and indie bundles. In addition to being very much a freshman effort, the game has been showing its age and a series of hard drive and backup failures have rendered the codebase un-maintainable (we've since adopted far better practices in terms of our backup pipeline). For this reason and others, we're taking it off the market.

On the other hand, we are relaunching WhileTrueFork with a better focus on things going forwards. We've just wrapped or nearly wrapped two major projects- WRD PLY, our just-released second foray into mobile games, and Heroes Must Die, an interdisciplinary RPG that is a prequel to an upcoming stage show set in a video game universe.

With those projects off our plate (Heroes Must Die, in particular, was pretty big, as we eventually took over all development from the initial team of coders), we're going to start focusing more on rapid development of smaller projects.

So... Goodbye, System Protocol One! Hello, WRD PLY and next year!