New Digs

Good news everyone!

We've moved to a new host which will make the maintenance and update of this site a lot easier. Why did we do that, you ask? Good question, hypothetical reader. We've been quiet for a while since the release of System Protocol One but there are a few projects in the works that we'll be releasing this year and moving now will help us with that later.

One of the big changes we'll be pushing out is more regular posts about industry topics as well as the usual internet assortment of digital bric-a-brac that will, we can only hope, someday provide fodder for graduate students studying early 21st century literature, as it will doubtless be misclassified.

Another change is that in the move we've chosen to lose a lot of historical blog posts- there's a bit of overhead involved in transitioning each of them it wasn't always worth it.

So: We hope you enjoy the new site, enjoy our games, and enjoy your weekend (whenever that may be).

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